UFOMT delays opening of The Utah Theatre

UFOMT delays opening of The Utah Theatre

The renovation of The Utah Theatre continues on a brisk December morning.  

Drywall dust lingers in the air and peppers the tools strewn about the floor.

Drapes of translucent plastic cover the walls, protecting the newly painted art deco.

Construction workers bustle about on scaffolding, while others thread wire behind walls in the theatre’s sublevels — they are thoroughly immersed in their work.

This has been part of the grind since the theatre was purchased by The Utah Festival Opera and Musical Theatre in 2008.

The theatre was scheduled to open in September 2015 but the date was pushed back to December. According UFOMT, the theatre will now open in the spring of 2016.

“It’s a lot harder to restore a historic building than it would be to build a new building,” said Jared Rounds, the manager of The Utah Theatre.

Gary Griffin, the managing director at UFOMT, said construction delays along with health complications and scheduling issues with specialists contributed to the rescheduling of the opening date.

“Just one thing after another,” Griffin said.

According to Rounds, “Peter Pan” is scheduled to be the first live performance held in the theatre. He said the show is scheduled to open in June and it will feature a “full flying system” used to pilot characters over the audience.

Rounds said the production will “show off all the bells and whistles of the theatre.”

Griffin said the theatre will not only host live productions, but also modern films and silent films with a Wurlitzer organ accompaniment. Griffin said UFOMT will be giving surveys to Utah State University students to understand which films will be popular draws.

“We’re excited,” Griffin said. “We’ll be doing a lot of different things there.”