Superintendent presents student growth goals at school board meeting

Logan City School District aims to acknowledge student growth as a measure of success instead of solely looking at student proficiency.

On Tuesday, superintendent Frank Schofield presented the Logan City School District’s mission, vision, and goals to the board of education. He said every student who takes the 2016 Student Assessment of Growth and Excellence will have a Student Growth Percentile equal or greater than 50.

The Utah Educator Evaluation Summit described Student Growth Percentile as a predictor of how a particular student will perform on future tests. SGP is based on a student’s past performances and the performances of their peers with similar test scores. Use of SGP allows educators, parents, and students to see how much the student is progressing in the classroom.

Schofield said he was told a story of a fifth grade student who was frustrated with not meeting the state desired proficiency levels. However, the student had a growth rate double that of the other students. The student’s teacher assured him, even though he wasn’t reaching the desired proficiency, in the long term he would be fine. Showing the student his overall growth stifled frustration and served as encouragement for the student. Schofield said the story was an example of why proficiency shouldn’t be the only focal point for educators.

Schofield said in three years the district envisions having the percentage of students reaching the ACT benchmarks to be equal to the national average. By 2020, he said the district wants the percentage of students reaching those bench marks to surpass the national average. The ACT benchmarks indicate whether or not a student is ready for college.

Schofield said separate teacher and parent focus groups formed from members of the community council will meet to assess the mission, vision, goals and commitments. The district will officially publish the statements in December 2015.