Gold’s Gym in Logan abruptly closes doors

The owners of Gold’s Gym announced their decision to close their doors after six years of serving Cache Valley on Aug. 31, 2015. The majority of their current contracts are being honored by either Sports Academy or Planet Fitness at similar membership rates. Alpha Set Combat Sports will continue to use Gold’s Gym’s mixed martial arts facility despite the closure.

Dan Smith, part owner of Sports Academy and Planet Fitness, said that he and his business partners are in negotiations to purchase the Gold’s Gym building in order to expand Planet Fitness. He acknowledged that the unique philosophies held by Planet Fitness do not appeal to all gym goers, especially heavy lifters, and they are attempting to facilitate those member’s needs at another unannounced location south of town.

In the mean time, many of Gold’s Gym members have transferred to Sport Academy. The merger resulted in a congested and testy atmosphere despite gym’s massive 86,000 square foot sprawl. When asked about the rumors that circulated regarding physical altercations in the gym since taking on the new memberships, Dan Smith declined to comment specifically. He politely said, “The change is frustrating for Gold’s members.”

The closing of the Gold’s Gym has been a source of tension not only for the members, but for the employees as well. Austin Hansen, a Gold’s Gym employee at the time of the closure, said that none of the employees at Gold’s Gym were aware of the owner’s plans to shut down the business until the day they closed the doors for good. Austin said, “I guess, the owner of Sports Academy let people know that, ‘Hey, Gold’s Gym members are coming in to work out here in about a week.’ We didn’t even know that.”

The reason why the gym closed its doors remains unknown. Dan Smith said that Gold’s Gym was simply losing money and couldn’t afford to keep their doors open despite their excellent location. He admitted, however, that this is partly conjecture on his part. Austin Hansen said he was told by the owners that, “One of our former employees embezzled money from us, and that’s what caused us to sink.” Contrarily, Austin stated that bad advertising practice, and poor communication with employees are more likely culprits for the business’s failure. Gary Price, the owner of Gold’s Gym, couldn’t be reached for comment.