Cache Community Band plays show with largest membership

When Dan Stowell was first approached to assume the director’s position for the Cache Community Band — he balked. Stowell said the band “had a fine director at the time” who was bringing it out of a dwindling phase. He said he didn’t feel it was the right decision to take the volunteer post.

But after Stowell received encouragement from his mentors at Utah State University, and the prior director chose to resign, he decided taking the position was the best way to give back.

“I owe this to the community,” Stowell said.

The CCB is set to perform free of charge at Mount Logan Middle School at 7 p.m. on Thursday. With a fluctuating 70 to 80 members, the CCB is the largest its ever been and continues to get better according to Stowell.

“It’s going to be a fun show,” Stowell said.

Kadee Hoffer, the CCB’s president who plays alto-saxophone in the band, said attendees will hear a wide array of music ranging from marches, music from the American south and Korean folk music.

“There’s no Christmas music,” Hoffer said. “Just so you’re aware.”

Stowell will share the podium with associate conductor Megan Bennett, a recent Utah State graduate pursuing her master’s in conducting, and CCB’s associate conductor Laverna Horne.

“It’s so much fun to see different conducting styles,” said Julie Smith, a clarinet player in the band who also serves as the personnel manager.

Hoffer said the CCB welcomes anyone, regardless of age or ability level, to come to rehearsals and play their instruments. She said some band members are in their 80s, while others are still in middle school.

Both Hoffer and Smith said they want to see the band continue to grow.

“We would love to have it as big as we can get,” Smith said.